Prey Launches

Prey, the sci-fi role-playing shooter hybrid from Bethesda and Arkane, is now available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

As Morgan Yu, players must fight the “Typhon” alien menace haunting TranStar’s Talos I space station using special powers, upgrades, and weapons, from a standard shotgun to the unique “shoots-gel-that-hardens” GLOO Cannon.

Using “Neuromods,” players may upgrade abilities like “Leverage” (concerns picking up objects), “Hacking,” or “Repair.” Health and armor upgrades are also available, as are abilities learned from the Typhon. Weapon upgrade kits may be used to improve the players’ arsenal.

As you explore the ruined space station, read email messages, listen to audio logs, and survey the desolation, uncovering secrets on your identity, TranStar’s experiments, and the alien creatures. Find keycards and passcodes to progress through secure doors, or find other ways around.

From the game’s creative director Raphael Colantonio:

Prey is set in an immersive world [with] shooter and RPG elements. Players can craft their own playstyle based on gameplay choices, while incorporating alien abilities and unique skills.”

Arkane Studios also developed Dishonored and its sequel, two games that are similar to Prey in their open-ended gameplay and special powers. Prey also draws inspiration from the classic System Shock titles.

Though the game shares the same name of Human Heads’ 2006 game, the similarity stops there – Arkane’s Prey is a reimagining of the IP.

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