Private Division Inks Three New Publishing Deals

Private Division, a label under Take-Two Interactive, has just announced three new publishing deals with Moon Studios (Ori and The Blind Forest), League of Geeks (Armello), and Roll7 (Laser League).

“Our partnerships with Moon Studios, League of Geeks, and Roll7 continue to enhance Private Division’s roster with more of the game industry’s best creative talent from around the world,” said Michael Worosz, executive vice president and head of Private Division. “We are thrilled to work alongside these experienced developers to provide them with the support needed to propel their creative visions to the next level.”

Each of the studios in question put out their own statement regarding these deals, and hint at the projects they have lined up for their new publishing partner.

Moon Studios seems to be taking a break from the Ori series. “Developing the Ori series over the last decade has been a fantastic experience for our team, and we’re thrilled to now be aiming our sights even higher with a new action RPG. We attribute our success to the ‘iterative polish’ process we use at Moon Studios, and we’re continuing that style of development to create a new game that rises above anything we’ve created thus far.”

League of Geeks, meanwhile, appears to be keeping the rough outlines of their project under wraps for now. “It’s equally important for us to build games with heart that can rally and foster a dedicated community of players, as it is to develop games that are critical, cultural, and commercial successes,” said Blake Mizzi, co-founder, and director at League of Geeks. “This partnership provides the opportunity for us to grow our studio alongside our ambitions to create something beyond anything we’ve developed before.”

Likewise, Roll7 seems to be keeping mum on what their new title will be. “Our titles resonate with players because we strive for super-solid game feel, highly-refined gameplay, and simple but highly masterable mechanics,” said John Ribbins, the chief creative officer at Roll7. “We’re really excited to be working with Private Division on our next title, and we can’t wait for players to get their hands on it. We’re raising the bar on our creativity and the scope of our ambition to make this next project our best thing yet.”

None of the projects mentioned have release dates as of yet, nor have they indicated what platforms they will be released upon. As they get closer to release, Private Division will be making appropriate announcements.

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