Project Giant Robot details

I recently brought you a gameplay demo for Project Giant Robot which is being made by Shigiru Miyamoto with the intention of optimizing both the Gamepad and the TV and as such here are some of the details behind the game.

– Customize your robot on the GamePad
– Choose a headpiece, body, and legs
– Alter length, width, and depth
– Can make a big-headed creation, but you’ll fall down quickly, etc.
– Play through 4 stages after making your robot
– Fight randomly generated robots
– Move forward by holding the R button
– Back up with the L button
– Punch by moving the left/right sticks
– This is the primary means of attack
– Give punches momentum by moving the GamePad
– Need to knock down the other robots in the stage before you fall down
– This is done by punching them and using the environment to drag them to the ground

Currently this hasn’t proven to look or sound to exciting and I could really do with a better name but if the game can result in being fun and really showing the use of the Gamepad then I won’t complain.

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