Xenoblade Chronicles X details

During today’s Nintendo Digital Event a new trailer was shown for Monolith Soft’s upcoming game X, with today’s trailer came some some new story details and a change of name. X is now known as Xenoblade Chronicles X and here are the details about the game that we have just found out about as well as a trailer.

Xenoblade Chronicles X details

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– At the beginning of Xenoblade Chronicles X, two alien factions are at war above Earth
– Unfortunately, their war is destroying Earth
– The human race then evacuates the Earth in two arc ships
– You wake up from stasis and create your character
– Nintendo showed a vast area surrounding a city called Neo Los Angeles
– A number of locations around this area featured the American flag painted on
– Game has a class system
– Start out with the Drifter class
– Access different abilities with different classes
– Day-and-night cycle included
– Real-time weather changes
– Enemy behavior changes from day to night
– Ex: predators come out to hunt at night
– Other creatures sleep at night

Xenoblade Chronicles X releases sometime in 2015.

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