The PS5 Is Getting Huge Restocks For God Of War Ragnarok

We are less than a month away from God of War Ragnarök releasing on Nov. 9, and Sony is preparing for the occasion. Industry analyst David Gibson shared the news on Twitter, which shows a 400% increase year-on-year of PlayStation 5 shipments into the US. Sony is now importing more than eight million kilograms worth of goods to the USA, just in time for God of War Ragnarök and the holiday season.

The hunt for the PS5 has been a fierce one since it launched in November of 2020, with irregular restocks causing queues for online retailers. The supply has steadily been rising to meet the demand, and this September brought a supply surge in anticipation of a winter demand spike. Not only God of War Ragnarök is increasing demand for the console, as Black Friday sales are also approaching, and with it comes Christmas shopping.

God of War Ragnarok sky jellyfish creature
God of War Ragnarök is Sony’s major holiday release this year.

The global tech shortages that followed the pandemic made production tough for the big three gaming companies, with the Xbox Series consoles and the Nintendo Switch also having high demand. Gibson shared figures for the Xbox and Switch too, which shows the Xbox having a spike in imports for August and September, with more than four million kilograms each month. Nintendo lags behind a bit with a drop in supply, which can be explained by Nintendo using air freight for their imports, whilst these figures are based on sea freight. The Switch is also a lighter console.

We’re looking forward to seeing how sales play out over the holiday season. Sony is positioning God of War Ragnarök as a major release to push with the timed restock of consoles, as well as an exclusive controller design for the game. As ever, you can be sure we will report on sales numbers as they come in.

Have you managed to grab a PS5 or Xbox Series console? Let us know in the comments below, and keep your eyes on GameLuster for more gaming news.

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