Random Game Trivia 7/19/14 Pokemon

In many long time series there have been ideas that have been teased or even were considered and went unused until a later again, today I bring you two of these ideas that went unused until Pokémon Black and White. One of the main ideas actually references the original Pokémon games red and Blue released in 1998. During the game you encounter a guy who references a Pokémon that you are unable to find in the original game no matter how hard you try. The exact reference refers to a pink Pokémon with a floral pattern on its side, for twelve years the mystery eluded many of us as we tried to figure out what exactly the game had been referring to. In 2010 with the Japanese release of Pokémon Black and White the mystery was finally answered when the Pokémon Munna was revealed. This psychic Pokémon had the exact reference and design that was originally described in Pokémon Red and Blue and so the mystery was answered or so we think. Maybe the Pokémon referenced may be something different we still don’t know about or maybe I am just thinking far to much.

The other interesting bit of trivia I have for you today actually looks at rivals, this is only a small one but in Pokémon Black and White the idea of two rivals was introduced and has since been further elaborated on. However what makes this interesting is that this idea was actually one considered a while before Black and White but was put on hold, I am not certain why but it was never used until Black and White but it did make things more interesting. The original idea was probably one of the original ideas used in the game.

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