Super Smash Brothers Picture of the Day 7/20/14 Robin’s ability

Super Smash Brothers is certainly unique and the way it takes the characters and the abilities from their original source material and translates it over to a big fun fighting game is certainly interesting, however as today’s picture represents the abilities given to a character don’t have to have existed in their own game as is the case with an attack performed by Robin in the new Smash Brothers. Sakurai has delivered the following picture and this message of the day:

 Pic of the day. Robin’s Nosferatu is the first ability in the Smash Bros. series that recovers your damage as it gives damage to others. The attack becomes even stronger if you strike from behind! Robin doesn’t actually use this ability in the original game, but we added that element to make the character unique. Who knows–the ideas we use in this game may contribute to the original series.

The way the wording sounds suggests that Sakurai is hoping that Intelligent Systems might take advice from Smash Brothers for a future ability for a character, not to mention it is great to see a new ability presented to a character that can provide a different experience for the player. We can also look at this ability as a good way at performing a strategy to keep yourself strong while your opponent gets weaker as long as you can perform it. Either way it is nice to see a difference in abilities.

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