Random Game Trivia 7/24/14 Mario Kart 64

In early versions of games we often find many features different from how the game turns out in the end. One such game like this is Mario Kart 64 when the game was in an early beta it was originally known as Super Mario Kart R. During this stage the game had several differences to the final product, one of the major inclusions that was wanted in the game was the split screen in a different position as horizontal and that was how the game was in early beta however this was not used in the end and had to wait until Mario Kart 8 for use in a Mario Kart game.

The character select screen was also different originally while the way the screen was set was the same the game actually positioned it for the final game the characters on it were actually different. In the place of Donkey Kong who was a racer in Super Mario Kart the character Kamek was in his place. Also the original pictures used for the characters were also changed and improved to look better as well as also removing the feather item that was planned from the game. It is interesting to see how these games changed from early on and I think the end choices probably worked out better then initially planned.

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