Rare set to unviel its secret new game at E3 2015

We all know the story by now, during the Nintendo 64 era Rare was behind some of the console biggest and best games, they offered some of the greatest experiences around which years later we still love. However once Microsoft got hold of the company the quality of the games coming from this once great development studio went downhill and many of us long for the company to return to what they once were, perhaps 2015 or 2016 may be their year. A lot of the beloved staff who worked at Rare during the Nintendo 64 era have since moved on and as yet the new blood in the company has yet to deliver on the fun experiences we call for but perhaps if Microsoft is correct they could see a return to the light side of our memories.

At E3 this year Rare is getting set to reveal their new game, if we recall correctly back in November Xbox boss Phil Spencer said that what Rare is working on we haven’t seen in a long time. Now, this could be anything he could be referring to the quality we haven’t seen in a long time or he could be referring to a franchise we haven’t seen in a long time, who knows? All we know is that Rare is set to show off their new game at E3 and see what the world thinks, this of course we have gotten from a tweet by Rare’s creative director Simon Woodroffe, he had this to say:

“E3 will tell the world what Gregg Mayles new project is about.”
For those who don’t know Mayles previously worked on the Donkey Kong Country games and Banjo Tooie and this announces that he will be making his return.
Woodroffe was then asked if this game would be an existing IP or something completly new to which he replied:
“All I can give here is a quote from the man himself, ‘This is more fun than anything we’ve ever done.'”
Could this game beat out the infamous Banjo Kazooie or Goldeneye as Rare’s most fun games only time will tell, for now we have to wait to E3 with eager anticipation. However I would not be surprised if they reveal a new Battletoad’s or even Banjo Kazooie, lets hope fun is the word to describe the game and Mayles is not just sadly mistaken.
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