Goat Simulator getting even crazier with GoatZ survival downloadable content

Have you ever thought to yourself Goat Simulator could not get any stranger or any more stupid? Well prepare to have your mind blown and expectations on stupidity completely and utterly destroyed as Goat Simulator is getting set for new downloadable content that will see Goat Simulator turned into a GoatZ a survival game inspired by DayZ.

Currently Coffee Stain Studios has announced plans to launch the add-on content on Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux this Thursday 7th of May for the cheap and reletively affordable price of $4.99 in America with the pricing in the UK yet to be announced. Seperate Apps are also coming on IOS and Android for the same price.

From this content you can expect the same level of craziness that we have come to love from the game with its broken physics, buggy gameplay and general nonsense, which will easily provide you with many hours of fun. Though this extra content is set to offer some new things including a crafting system for some unknown reason, a bigger map as well as plenty more goats to unlock, you will go goat crazy playing this game.

No word yet if we will see this content hit the Xbox 360 or Xbox One.


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