Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition Coming to Nintendo Switch September 12, Demo Coming “Later this Summer”

Earlier this week Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition for the Nintendo Switch was spotted on the Switch eShop’s coming soon section. With this listing came a potential release date of September 12. Ubisoft UK has now confirmed that Rayman Legends is indeed heading to the Nintendo Switch on September 12.

Those in the UK who spotted this listing earlier in the week also found a demo available to download. Those who managed to pick up the demo will still have it although the demo was clearly released at the wrong time. Alongside the release date announcement Ubisoft confirmed that a demo is coming “later this summer”, but the previously released demo was pulled from the Nintendo eShop.

Those who have played the demo have offered some insight into why the original demo might have been pulled. According to players the game runs perfectly when playing in Handheld mode, but issues arise when docked. The game suffers from sound and gameplay stutters which is a game breaker in general, although it’s much more notable in the available musical level Castle Rock.

The level relies heavily on platforming to the beat, but the stutters push Rayman behind the beat. So in one moment you are supposed to be running ahead of a fire breathing dragon but the game stutters and you end up stuck behind him.

It is possible the demo was supposed to be out but Ubisoft became aware of the technical problems and will now fix them. It’s also possible that they accidentally released the demo with the premature eShop listing.

The takeaway is that Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition has finally been given a release date, September 12. We will also keep an eye out for the demo returning to the Nintendo eShop and let you know when that resurfaces.

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