Remake of Demon’s Souls Shown On PlayStation 5 Preview

When From Software debuted Demon’s Souls at the Tokyo Game Show in 2008, Shuhei Yoshida, then-president of Sony, spent a couple of hours testing out the game and reportedly failed to get out of the starting area, which moved him to declare, “This is an unbelievably bad game.” The degree of difficulty which would later come to define the games in the Dark Souls series started with Demon’s Souls. And now, almost twelve years later, Yoshida stood in front of the cameras for Sony’s PlayStation 5 presentation saying, “I have something very near and dear to me,” to announce the remake of Demon’s Souls for a new console generation.

The trailer was shown today, indeed suggests that the visuals have been upgraded to take advantage of the PS5’s capabilities. Developer Bluepoint Games, well known for their remake of Shadow of The Colossus, has taken on the job, and they appear to have preserved the tone and aesthetic of the original game. However, there are a lot of imponderables about gameplay mechanics, which we won’t know about for the foreseeable future.

If the shots are any indication, the massive bosses from Demon’s Souls are certainly returning, which would suggest that the boss battles themselves are going to be just as intense and involved as they were when the game initially released on the PlayStation 3.

The iconic knight’s armor from the original game, seen coming under attack from gargoyles, would seem to indicate that the character classes and gear are also going to be faithfully reproduced.  But there’s no indication that the World Tendency and Character Tendency mechanics are coming back or are being left out. Given that the Tendency mechanics required server backup in the original game, Bluepoint may be opting to leave those mechanics off quietly, or they may have some plan in mind to recreate the mechanics without using external servers.

No release date has been given yet, but we’ll hopefully get more information soon.

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