Rocksteady’s Zafer Coban says the delay of Arkham Knight could make a better game

Last week during E3 it was confirmed that Batman Arkham Knight had been delayed, for the most part this announcement came as a shock to many people particularly when it had been previously set for an October release and know it is coming in 2015.

I feel for a lot of people the news that Arkham Knight had been delayed was disappointing and disheartening to fans eagerly awaiting the final instalment in the Arkham trilogy, however there may be good news for this delay such as the potential of a much better game. Rocksteady’s lead animator Zafer Coban told Eurogamer that with the extra time, the team will be able to secure a higher level of detail.

He said:

“It’s going to be the level of detail, really. We’re so concerned about bringing out the final instalment and making sure it fits the bill in terms of the quality range we’ve been delivering with the last two games. Our attention to detail is pinnacle. So we’ve had to do that for our last instalment and make sure it works across the whole board.”

“One of the big pinnacle pillars of Rocksteady is ambition, and to move things forward, and innovation. Like when we did the first game with the combat system. Our goal is to keep doing that for every project. So even though we’ve got that core, strong foundation, we wanted to push that forward even more in the final instalment. The attention to detail has to be there in every corner. There’s a lot of brains being racked, a lot of sweat on tables, people typing away trying to finish the game off. We’re quite excited and we just can’t wait to finish it.”

I don’t know about you but to some degree I feel this could be cause for concern with a delay, if the recently released Watch Dogs is any indication then Arkham Knight could be seriously destroyed by the delay. However the way Rocksteady has handled Batman in the past should be a good indication that his could be a good thing, lets just hope Arkham Knight’s delay is one it can live up to.

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