Roughly fifty percent of Wii U owners have a copy of Mario Kart 8

Nintendo has recently released their second quarter financial results and with it they have given us a new list of million sellers for the Wii U and 3DS, one of the interesting points of this list is a statistic regarding the sales of Wii U’s in comparison to Mario Kart 8. The game has managed to sell an impressive 5.87 million units since its arrival which to compare to the amount of Wii U’s sold makes roughly fifty percent of Wii U owners hold a copy of the game. The biggest selling point for Mario Kart 8 is the fact it was a bundled in game so many Wii U sales attributed to the overall sales of Mario Kart 8.

It just noteworthy that this statistic does not count for those who have traded in copies of the game.

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