Rumor: Star Wars figures will be part of Disney Infinity 3.0

Star Wars has been something many have wanted to see from Disney Infinity since Disney acquired the rights, and according to Polygon Disney Interactive could be fulfilling their wish. Based on the report by Polygon, Disney Interactive is preparing Star Wars figures as part of the new game, however assuming the report is to be believed, the first Star Wars figures should arrive later this year in time for the new movies arrival in cinemas.

However that is not all, as more Disney Infinity news has come out of today. A whole lot of new figures appear to have been leaked for Disney Infinity 3.0, these include Olaf, Mulan, Inside-Out characters and more.

So guess what if you have ever wanted to throw Olaf off a cliff because he annoys you then assuming this gets announced to be more then a rumor you can finally go and throw that annoying Snowman off a cliff, now cue evil laugh.


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