Scarlet Hood And The Wicked Wood landing On Steam Early Access

Devespresso Games and Headup Games have announced that their upcoming release Scarlet Hood and The Wicked Wood is coming to Steam Early Access in February.

Scarlet Hood and The Wicked Wood is a puzzle adventure style indie game which was developed by the same team behind The Coma Series. You may already be drawing fairy tale parallels to Little Red Riding Hood, but the game also has a The Wizard of Oz setting. A bizarre further comparison is to the movie Groundhog Day as the game features a recurring time loop with different story paths in each.

The initial launch will reveal the first four chapters of the game, with additional chapters and content updates in late February. The final chapter is set to have multiple endings, and will arrive with the official release set to be in March.

ScarletHood WW Screen12

As a staple of Devespresso Games, Scarlet Hood and The Wicked Wood features the developer’s signature manhwa-style accompanied by hand-illustrated graphics by Minho Kim.

The game centres around the titular protagonist, Scarlet, who awakens in the realm of Glome after being thrown by a tornado – see that The Wizard of Oz connection? Scarlet takes up the mantle as the Red Witch where she is tasked with leading Munchkins through the forbidden Wicked Wood. She will encounter puzzles, clues, and riddles, whilst falling victim to the Recursion Hex causing her to relive the same day. This is where your decisions in each day lead the game to have multiple endings.

Headup Games also released a short gameplay trailer which shows off the art style, the range of puzzles, the interactive story elements, the character control, and Scarlet’s adorable fox sidekick.

Scarlet Hood and The Wicked Wood comes to Steam Early Access February 10, with the full release currently set for March, according to the developer roadmap.

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