Screenshot Saturday – August 27th

Indie game developers share their work progress every week on Twitter with the #ScreenshotSaturday hashtag. In this piece, we take a look at the most interesting and eye-catching screenshots or short videos of indie games shared on Saturday, August 27th.

GameLuster has a Screenshot Saturday round-up every week. You can check out the previous list here.

Forgive Me Father

This video from Forgive Me Father was shared by the developers (@ByteBarrel) in this tweet. The video shows the creepy scenery and comic-book-like design of the game, and the knife especially gives strong Lovecraftian vibes. Forgive Me Father is currently available on Steam with very positive reviews, so if you like Lovecraftian horror games, check it out!

Locked In My Darkness

These screenshots from Lost in My Darkness were shared by the developer (@BlusagiTeam) in this tweet. The rendering and the dim lighting are really atmospheric and have an ominous feeling that is perfect for a horror game. We hope to play Lost in My Darkness very soon, especially since the spooky season is coming! So check out their Steam page and wishlist the game if you are interested in playing too.

Flynt Buckler Wakes the Sleepy Castle

This video from Flynt Buckler Wakes the Sleepy Castle was shared by the developer (@SleepyCastleDev) in this tweet. The video shows a variety of vibrant colorful locations in addition to some interesting characters and visual effects. We look forward to hearing more about Flynt Buckler Wakes the Sleepy Castle in the future, and you can wishlist it on Steam now.

Flagstone: Getae Legacy

These screenshots from Flagstone: Getae Legacy were shared by the developer (@gacrivastudio) in this tweet. We get to see some crisply detailed character arts and designs, and they look impressive! We will keep an eye out to see how Flagstone: Getae Legacy will turn out.

The Milk Lake

This video from The Milk Lane was shared by the game’s Twitter page (@TheMilkLake) in this tweet. The animation for this video was created using motion capture and a neural character controller, and it looks astonishing! We had seen beautiful footage of this game before, and it was fascinating to see the more technical aspects of the game’s development. You can wishlist The Milk Lane on Steam right now.

What indies have you got your eye on? Do you like the look of anything Nima found this week? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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