Sentinels Of Freedom Launches On Nintendo Switch

Superhero-themed tactics game Sentinels of Freedom launched today for Nintendo Switch and is available on the Nintendo eShop for $19.99.

Developed by Underbite Games and previously available on Steam back in April, Sentinels of Freedom is based on the Sentinel Comics tabletop universe. Players create their own superhero from five archetypes, then build their own superhero team as they fight crime and thwart supervillains in stylish four-color environments. A story-driven campaign will take players from a simple bank heist to a final mission where the fate of the world hangs in the balance.

Like any good superhero game, the ability to customize your particular champion is a major element. From the various powers, your hero will employ to the special effects which surround your hero when using those powers, even being able to change body style between missions as easily as deciding whether or not to wear a cape, hero customization carries deep levels for players to get their perfect comic book persona out on the streets and busting the bad guys.

The various missions in the campaign are written by the same team behind the tabletop game, and new content is planned which will have new storylines, heroes, villains, and upgrades for players to enjoy. Players will need to build their teams carefully, finding the right balance of powers to synergize with each other and complete the various objectives found in each encounter. Of course, the villains will have their own synergies to keep the heroes on their toes. The initial story arc, “Episode 1: Cold War, Part 1,” is releasing with the game, with “Cold War, Part 2” expected sometime later this year.

Sentinels of Freedom is the perfect blend of superhero comics and tactics games,” said Cory Heald, founder of Underbite Games. “It’s got a gripping story and colorful characters, but it also lets you control the carnage as these superpowered heroes and villains face off in increasingly epic fisticuffs!”

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