Last January, famous life simulator The Sims 4, finally embraced the growing “Tiny House” trend with the release of the “Tiny Living Stuff Pack.” Inspired by real-life homeowners who have worked to reduce the amount of area their houses take up, the Pack included space-saving furniture such as Murphy beds and a combination TV/stereo/bookcase. There’s even a brand new residential lot that challenges players to occupy only 100 tiles worth of space, awarding unique benefits and bonuses if they manage to stay within restrictions.

However, one frequent complaint players had with the expansion was the absence of ladders. Tiny house enthusiasts found it challenging to create a proper second floor, attic, or lofted storage space when they were limited to large, bulky staircases. Requests for ladders in the months since “Tiny Living’s” release have been a frequent sight across many social media platforms.

Now, a free update that dropped on Wednesday, June 3, has finally answered players’ prayers. Ladders have been added as a building option, occupying their very own section in the “Stairs” category.

The options are practically limitless. Not only can your tiny house, at last, be truly space-saving, but you can even have your Sim live in a genuine treehouse for the first time. Embrace your inner child — or perhaps your inner space-saving fanatic — as you explore the infinite possibilities in which the presence of ladders opens up.

The update, which also featured several small quality of life updates, was implemented to prepare for the upcoming “Eco Lifestyle Pack,” which releases today, June 5. This Pack focuses on changing and improving the world around you. Sims can work together to reduce waste, produce their electricity and water, vote on weekly Neighborhood Action Plans, and more. Players can even decorate their Sims’ homes with stylish new “upcycled” furniture, made from 100% recycled materials!

The Sims 4 is available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Expansions, including “Tiny Living” and “Eco Lifestyle,” must be purchased separately.

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