Sink Your Teeth Back Into The Witcher 3’s Blood And Wine Storyline With New Mod

A new quest mod for The Witcher 3 is out now, which picks up the story from the events of the Blood and Wine DLC.

There’s nothing quite like a new quest mod coming out for your favourite games. Well, now PC players of the well loved The Witcher 3 can sink their teeth (literally) back into the Blood and Wine DLC with the A Night To Remember mod. The mod continues vampire Orianna’s story and Geralt’s choice following the events of the DLC.

The Witcher 3 Blood And Wine Promo
The Witcher 3 Blood And Wine Promo

The Blood and Wine DLC officially wrapped up Geralt’s story in 2016 to give him a well deserved break in a satisfying conclusion. However there were a few loose ends to tie up such as the outcome of Geralt’s decision to let this blood sucker go free. Hence the creation of the mod, which aims to give fans some closure. It appears that Geralt’s vacation is now over!

The creator nikich340 on Nexus Mods, describes the mod as having “new writing, cutscenes, voice acting, assets, a special reward, and some difficult decisions”

The mod features new and old characters and even has an impressively replicated voice of Geralt from the Cybervoice tool. A quick watch of the trailer will reveal the startling accuracy of the artificially generated voice!

To play A Night To Remember, players must have completed the Blood And Wine storyline. It is also recommended that players are at least level 50, but it is also compatible with NG+. For a better graphical experience, nikich340 recommends that players keep depth of field turned off as some scenes can look blurry.

The A Night To Remember mod is available to download from Nexus Mods for PC.

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