When separating gaming into categories we often forget one particular genre which a large majority of us would consider top. Gambling to some people isn’t even considered a game, possibly because of the physicality of it, some say it is more of a sport. However, contrary to popular opinion, gambling is a form of gaming but now gone are the seedy back allies were men would line up with their bags of dimes and cash wrapped in elastic bands. Gambling has been given a make-over and it is looking better than ever in this day and age.

The likes of sites such as Slots Heaven have created a good name for the gambling scene and now the game is pretty much for anyone. From young adult men to middle aged women, one might even consider it the most diverse video game genre so far.

Sites have been created in order to tailor to these more diverse audiences such as Pink Casino for the ladies, however, the aforementioned Slots Heaven has seen this wide audience and has appealed to all. The site has a variety of games for all who are aged 18+ can play, some of which don’t even feel like gambling games at all when playing.

Aside from the sparse variety of games gambling sites provide, there is also the main element of gambling, earning money while you play which makes the games that bit more fun. For gamers, this is almost a dream come true, being paid to do something you truly love. Slots Heaven also brings to life the old arcade machines we would see in shady pubs, this helps us to loose games without judgement and win without fear of being mugged.  Unfortunately, these games are mostly arcade types, nothing too complex, but the more complex the more risk. This is the only downfall, obviously one of the only ways to get money out is to put money in and some people are not willing to take this risk. For gaming fans, you have to think, how is putting £40 in a gaming website any different from spending the same amount on a console game? Well the different is that you’re more likely to get your money back from the gambling site. The online gambling itself as apposed to getting is also very beneficial because the player is putting their fate in their own hands. Instead of putting their money on a scratch card and letting fate decide, they grab hold of their on fate, the only thing stopping them from winning is themselves.

“I am a huge rugby fan and I often put bets on my team, but I would never think to go into an actual betting store, I’d definitely stay online, there is always some kind of insecurity in those shops whereas online I can bet with no judgement.” Regular gambler Bethany Eastwood who self-confessed to not being a video game fan shared her betting experience. This reflects back on the stereotype of the seedy gambling store, and some people see this representation online too. Well I’m here to tell you that not all sites are the same, like video gaming, there are good sites and bad sites. The user just has to learn to weed out the good from the bad.

Betting games really has taken a step forward by being introduced into a mainstream audience. Gaming has never been for more people than now, it has in fact cut out the main gaming audience of teenage boys and children and made itself available to only an adult audience. The exclusivity is also what makes it that little bit more appealing. Those who play it consider themselves to have some sort of level of kudos around the gambling community, particularly in those who know they are capable of a big score.

The most common demographic to be found enjoying these sites would be young-adult men, whether this is because they are already from the gaming audience or they have recently come of age and find a certain excitement in a previously 'taboo' subject, it could be either.

"I'm a big fan of gaming but I also love my sports so besides Fifa I'll also put the occasional bet of my favourite teams for fun." Said twenty-one-year-old student Daniel Rowley-Thorne who won £1,257 on a £5 football bet. This also amplifies the appeal of playing due to the possibility of making so much from so little, if one person can do it, why can't the rest of us?

Again, this suggests the merging of different audiences to come together. Some of those sports fans may consider gaming to be somewhat a 'nerdy' activity, but by taking part in the online gambling games, they are joining us at our nerdy level. So put away your pen and pencil, forget about reds vs blues and get ready to start getting your money back by playing the classic arcade types we all now, even those of us who aren't that big into gaming.