Smell Like a Plumber with New Mario Perfume

What do plumbers smell like? Well… probably not like anything nice. After all, “Burst Pipe” or “Blocked Toilet” don’t exactly sound like the most pleasant of perfumes.

And yet, “Eau de Plumber” is now a real scent which you can purchase, and it apparently makes you smell like… none other than Mario?

That’s-a right! UK-based retailer GAME recently announced two new unisex scents, both inspired by classic video games. “Eau de Plumber,” which comes in a blue bottle with a cap shaped like Mario’s, well, cap, is clearly inspired by one of video gaming’s most iconic characters.

Because “Eau de Plumber” is not a licensed Super Mario product, its description and design deliberately avoid any explicit references to the copyrighted character. However, the description of the scent contains a number of allusions to characters and elements of the franchise. It reportedly smells like “deep, earthy notes of toadstool” with hints of “grasslands” as well as both “peaches and daisies.” Someone had better warn Luigi – looks like Mario’s been spending some time with his brother’s girl!

GAME has also released a second gamer-themed perfume, this one titled “FPS” – short, of course, for “First Person Scent.” Inspired by classic first person shooter games, it comes in a grenade-shaped bottle and reportedly smells like a combination of gunpowder, cigarettes and, bizarrely, watermelon. GAME’s description on its website indicates that this scent is “best appreciated from a minimum safe distance of 30 feet.”

Both scents are limited edition, and are planned to be available for sale only during the holiday period. Since their release, both have already gone in and out of stock several times on the GAME website.

Should you be interested in smelling like a plumber or a first-person shooter, both scents come in 200ml bottles and cost £19.99 UK pounds each. Because these items are limited edition, customers may only purchase one of each.

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