Snack on These Wholesome Games This Holiday Season

Wholesome Games is a YouTube channel dedicated to promoting a diverse slate of indie games, with a special focus on those featuring positive or heartwarming content. Recently, the channel has begun releasing “Wholesome Directs,” compilation videos which highlight several upcoming indie titles.

The most recent holiday-themed direct, entitled “Wholesome Snack,” focuses on a number of positive games which might provide that boost of good energy gamers need to get through the tough 2020 holiday season. It can be watched below.

In addition to games, Wholesome Snack also announced Wholesome Games’ newest project. “Slice of Life” is a vinyl album compilation featuring popular tracks from various wholesome titles, including A Short Hike, Spiritfarer, Kind Words, Ooblets, and more. Proceeds from sales of the album benefit The Galaxy Fund, a grant which benefits women, BIPOC, and LGBTQ+ game developers. It is available for pre-order via the Wholesome Games website.

Wholesome Snack highlighted a dozen upcoming indie titles from a variety of genres. Kitaria Fables is a hybrid of the action, role-playing and farming simulator genres. Innchanted and Onsen Master both offer fast-paced co-op gameplay in two charming, unique settings: a fantasy inn and a Japanese bath house respectively. Tracks of Thought challenges players to navigate emotionally charged, card-based conversations, while Clouzy! charges them with the rearing and protecting of adorable cloud pets. One title, Calico, in which players take on the role of a magical girl running an adorable cat cafe, appeared in the Wholesome Snack broadcast after recently being featured in a Nintendo Indie World event. The almost 25 minute video is packed to the brim with a little bit of something for everyone.

Wholesome Games continues to regularly promote upcoming indie titles via their YouTube and Twitter accounts.

Want to take a look at even more upcoming indie titles? Check out our coverage of the most recent Screenshot Saturday, where indie devs take to twitter to give us sneak peaks of their upcoming projects.

Which Wholesome Snack games are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments below!

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