December 15 Nintendo Indie World Recap

Today’s Indie World event hosted by Nintendo was absolutely full of new and classic titles, just in time for holidays. If you’re looking for some new indie games to mark the holiday season, or even to kick off the new year, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s all you need to know about the announcements from the Nintendo Indie World Showcase!

Spelunky 1 & 2 Are Headed to Switch

Fans have been asking for it, and now it’s here. Both 2008 “rogue-lite” platformer Spelunky and its 2020 sequel, Spelunky 2, are coming to the Nintendo Switch. Explore procedurally generated caves, take on tricky challenges, and discover hidden secrets in two of the most beloved indie games of all time. The Switch version of Spelunky 2 will also feature local and online multiplayer supporting up to four players, as well as daily challenges which might stump even the most skilled player.

Spelunky and Spelunky 2 will be available to dive in via the Nintendo Switch eShop in summer 2021.

Cause a Cat-Astrophe in Fisti-Fluffs

Finally, the answer to the age-old question: what do cats do when their owners are away? The answer: fight one another to prove who is the strongest cat around. From Playfellow and Rogue Games comes an action brawler like none you’ve ever seen before. Take control of an adorable cat, customize their appearance and outfit, and defeat other cats in order to rise through the ranks – but be careful, destroying obstacles can cause property damage which your owners won’t be thrilled about. Fisti-Fluffs will support both local and online multiplayer.

Fisti-Fluffs is clawing its way to the Nintendo Switch in early 2021.

Gotta Park ‘Em All in Very Very Valet

Are you a good driver? Don’t worry – you don’t have to be! Team up with up to three friends to park as many cars as possible in Very Very Valet, a fast-paced party game from Toyful Games. Choose between 20 locations, each with their own unique challenges, ranging from an ordinary parking lot to a busy airport or crowded city. Pick up and park as many cars as you can while avoiding the various obstacles in your path. Can your team of valets satisfy your customers within the time limit?

Very Very Valet is bringing the chaos to the Nintendo Switch as a timed console exclusive beginning in early 2021.

Rock the Rain Forest in Tunche

Visit the stunning expanse of the mighty Amazon rain forest – all without leaving your couch. This hand-drawn adventure from Peru-based LEAP Game Studios will challenge players to reach the depths of the Amazon and locate a strange mythical beast, the titular Tunche. Experience gameplay, which combines hack ‘n slash and beat-em-up elements, as one of five playable heroes, each with their own unique powers and skills. You also join the adventure as Hat Kid from fellow indie classic A Hat in Time.

Explore Tunche on the Nintendo Switch in March 2021.

Sneak Into the Future in Cyber Shadow

What would you do if you lived in a futuristic world taken over by an evil doctor and his diabolical armies? Study ninjutsu and fight to save the world, of course! In Yacht Club’s Cyber Shadow, you take on the role of a ninja who must make their way through action-platformer levels and defeat over a dozen bosses in order to rescue the other members of your captured clan. Each clan member will teach you new ninjutsu skills such as shooting fire, throwing shurikens, and parrying enemy attacks. Plus, you can scan Shovel Knight amiibos to get a little extra help from some familiar faces.

Cyber Shadow slashes its way onto the Nintendo Switch on January 26, 2021.

Build the Purr-fect Cat Cafe in Calico

Whitethorn Games’ Calico is a relaxing community simulator filled with adorable magical girls and even more adorable cats. As the employee of a brand new cat cafe, your job is to search around a beautiful pastel-colored world to find the purr-fect fuzzy friends to inhabit your adorable business. Plus, pick out furniture and decorations for the cafe and pastries for the menu until your establishment is the best in town. An adorable world filled with cats is just waiting for you to explore.

Calico is available on the Nintendo Switch starting today.

Save the Island in Alba: A Wildlife Adventure

From ustwo, the studio which brought us Monument Valley, comes this brightly colored ecological adventure about the power of a community coming together. Protagonist Alba wants to save her home island by cleaning up trash, rescuing and healing sick animals, and motivating the community to volunteer and help out. Work together with the other residents of the island to create a paradise where people and wildlife can live in harmony – all on an island inspired by the real-life Mediterranean coast.

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure soars onto the Nintendo Switch in March 2021.

Trust No One in Gnosia

The mysterious Gnosia have invaded your spaceship’s crew. The only way to save yourselves from being picked off one by one is to identify the Gnosia and put them into cold sleep before time runs out. This Mafia and Among Us-like game features solo play against a cast of NPCs designed using an anime art style. It features time-loop gameplay which can be repeated over and over again with new outcomes each time. Nagoya-based developer Petit Depotto describes Gnosia as bringing new innovations to the social deduction genre.

Gnosia sneaks its way onto the Nintendo Switch in early 2021.

Confront Your Nightmares in Happy Game

Czech studio Amanita Design presents an absolutely terrifying take on the psychedelic horror genre. Happy Game tells the story of a little boy who is caught in an immersive nightmare filled with monsters to defeat and tasks to complete. Can you solve the puzzles and bring the boy back to the waking world, or will you be trapped in the realm of nightmares forever? Have we ever experienced a game which can make smiley faces this sinister?

Happy Game will begin terrifying players on Nintendo Switch in spring 2021.

Rediscover a Classic in Super Meat Boy Forever

Announced last week at The Game Awards, the long-awaited Super Meat Boy Forever is here at last. Join Meat Boy and Bandage Girl as they complete a series of infamously difficult levels in order to rescue their child, Nugget, from the clutches of the evil Dr. Fetus. There are bosses to fight and secrets to discover – plus, with the game’s randomly generated level system, you can experience over one thousand different levels as you make your way through this challenging platform adventure.

Super Meat Boy Forever launches on Nintendo Switch as a console exclusive beginning on December 23, 2020.

Puzzle Your Way to Treasure in Grindstone

Canada-based indie studio Capybara Games is best known for producing tricky yet fun puzzle games, and new offering Grindstone looks like another awesome creation. Climb your way up the mountain as you complete 200 challenging levels. Defeat enemy “Creeps” and rack up combos in order to earn precious Grindstones. Then, convert these Grindstones into armor, weapons and other powers – and you’ll need them along the way, because not only the mountain, but difficult daily challenges and an online leaderboard await you.

Grindstone is available today as a Nintendo Switch console exclusive.

…And Many, Many More

As is tradition, the Indie World broadcast wrapped up with a montage of several other titles which will be coming to Nintendo Switch over the next several months. These included:

  • Point-and-click adventure When the Past Was Around, available later today
  • Dark comedy adventure Kosmokrats, coming as a timed console exclusive in early 2021
  • Nature-themed atmospheric platformer Hoa, coming in April 2021
  • Flying machine-themed exploration adventure Hazel Sky, coming in March 2021
  • Co-op action sailing simulator Trash Sailors, coming Spring 2021
  • Interactive storytelling adventure Finding Paradise, coming Spring 2021

…But wait, there’s more! Just before the Indie World event concluded, Nintendo had one more announcement in store for fans.

Find the Impostor in Among Us 

Innersloth’s Among Us has become one of the biggest hits of 2020. The multiplayer deduction game, originally released in 2018, was perfect for gamers stuck inside during the COVID-19 pandemic. Play online with friends or strangers as you complete tasks, discuss among each other, and vote to eject who you think might be the murderous Impostor – all as you attempt to avoid getting killed yourself! Each game provides a different experience with three (soon to be four) maps to explore and the random, never predictable chance of being Crewmate or Impostor.

Among Us, which won two awards at The Game Awards, is currently available for Steam and mobile devices – but now, it’s coming to Nintendo Switch as well! This high-tension classic is available via the Nintendo Switch eShop starting today. Just remember – always be suspicious of everybody, because the Impostor could be anyone.

That’s all the games revealed during today’s Indie World event. Which are you the most excited for? Which ones will you be putting on your wish list – or downloading today? Let us know!


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