Solo-Developed Indie Platformer ElecHead Is Coming to Switch

Fans of classic, minimalist-inspired graphics and challenging levels can certainly look forward to ElecHead, an upcoming indie title from one-man development studio NamaTakahashi. First released for PC via Steam in October 2021, this puzzle-platformer was one of several titles announced to be coming to the Nintendo Switch during the May 11 Indie World online presentation.

Featuring vintage 2D graphics, ElecHead tells the story of the titular Elec, an adorable robot with the ability to charge up items around him. Using his electrical powers to interact with walls, switches, platforms, machines, and more, Elec must work to bring light back to a world plunged into darkness. In the course of his puzzle solving, Elec will have to quite literally “use his head” – this multi-purpose ‘bot is capable of removing his head from his body and allowing it to operate independently for a short time. But be careful – if Elec’s body and head remain separate for more than ten seconds, he’ll short out and it will be a “game over” for you!

A fan of pixel art and classic platformer titles such as the Mega Man series, NamaTakahashi previously worked on BATTLOON for the Nintendo Switch, as well as producing and self-publishing several previous pixel-based titles. These include another platformer, Projection Remains, as well as an action game with the intriguing title Kuitaiyo – or, translated into English, quite literally I Want To Eat The Sun.

ElecHead is currently scheduled to debut on the Nintendo Switch sometime in summer 2022. Its Switch port was announced on May 11 alongside creature collection sim Ooblets, management sim Idol Manager, and several brand new indie titles including Batora: Lost Haven, Soundfall, and more. ElecHead shares its pixelated style with Gunbrella, a “noir-punk” title from Devolver Digital that was also announced during the same Indie World livestream.


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