Sonic Frontiers Release Date Leaks Ahead Of Gamescom

Tonight’s the night that Sonic Frontiers is set to be shown off at Gamescom, and fans expected a release date. It turns out they were right to think so, as the Japanese trailer has leaked early, and confirms a Nov. 8 release date. This leak is part of our ongoing Gamescom coverage, and more of that can be found over here.

SEGA has been insisting that the game will release this year, after fans had some concerns over the gameplay shown in earlier trailers. The Nov. 8 release is one day before the God of War Ragnarök release date, so let’s see how Sonic stands up to a demigod. Sonic Frontiers has the potential to do to the Sonic series what Breath of the Wild did to the Zelda series. Whether SEGA can deliver that remains to be seen, and it doesn’t seem like we’ll have long to wait and find out.

Sonic Frontiers release date from a Japanese trailer, dated the 8th of November.
The ending screen of the now private Sonic Frontiers trailer which leaked the release date.

Will you be picking up Sonic Frontiers this November? What do you think of how the game looks ahead of launch? Let us know in the comments below, and keep your eyes on GameLuster for more Sonic news.

This is part of our ongoing Gamescom 2022 coverage. To find out where and when to watch the show, as well as announcements and leaks, just click here

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