Sons of the Forest: Where to Find Fireweed

Sons of the Forest is a new open-world survival game from Endnight Games. You play as one of a group of survivors who have crash-landed on a remote, heavily forested island. Your goal is simple – stay alive and find a way off the island. The island is teeming with wildlife, and you must learn how to hunt and gather food to survive. Fireweed is a valuable plant available on the island, and you can use it to craft medicinal items and increase your chance of survival. In this guide, we will show you how to find Fireweed in Sons of the Forest.

What is Fireweed?

Fireweed 1

Fireweed is a consumable plant found in Sons of the Forest. If eaten, it restores a small amount of energy. It stands out visually, characterized by its vibrant pink color and bright green leaves and stems. Fireweed offers a variety of health benefits. Not only you can eat this plant raw, but you can also combine it with other plants to make an energy booster and health booster.

Where to Find Fireweed in Sons of the Forest

Fireweed Location

In Sons of the Forest, Fireweed can be found in certain areas around the map. It is a rare herb that grows in only two places, and both places are close to cave entrances. Look for a lake that splits into multiple rivers and smaller lakes near the entrance to the cave. Once found, head south from the lake, where you can find both Fireweed and Horsetail plants.

Another area where you can find Fireweed plants is on the other side of the same lake. Cross the lake and search the mini-island between two rivers to get Fireweed. To further help out, we have pointed out the location of Fireweed on the map above.

If you find Fireweed Seeds while exploring, that’s even better. You can plant them yourself and wait for them to grow, saving you time as you won’t have to search for Fireweed in the future.

What are the Uses of Fireweed in Sons of the Forest?

Energy mix

Fireweed is a rare plant in Sons of the Forest that is incredibly valuable and can be used for a variety of purposes. As mentioned earlier, you can eat this plant raw or combine it with other plants to make Energy Mix+ or Health Mix+. If you want to make Energy Mix+, open your inventory and combine Fireweed with Chicory and Devil’s club. To make Health Mix+, combine Fireweed with Aloe Vera and Horsetail. Energy Mix+ is a food item, while Health Mix+ is a powerful medicine.

Stay Energetic and Healthy With Fireweed

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Sons of the Forest players will need to learn how to craft several items, such as Medicine, Energy Mix+, Heath Mix+, and others, in order to remain healthy and energetic. These items will allow players to engage with formidable adversaries without fear of illness. Crafting these boosters requires a variety of plants, such as Fireweed, Chicory, Aloe Vera, and more. With proper preparation and access to these ingredients, players can create the remedies necessary for success.

That concludes our guide on how to get and use Fireweed in Sons of the Forest. Was this guide helpful? Share your thoughts in the comment section below! Plus, you can watch GameLuster’s very own Nirav and Jess befriend new companion Kelvin in Sons of the Forest here.


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