Sony has announced a limited edition Playstation 4 for Uncharted 4

For Sony and the Playstation 4 Uncharted 4 is a big deal, this game is something we spent ages waiting for and in case you are yet to pick up the Playstation 4 you can forever memorialize that moment in April when the game came out with a limited edition console. This console will be themed around the upcoming game in case you have been wanting the console but waiting for Uncharted.

According to the Playstation Blog, this console will come with 500GB of memory, and will be a Gray-Blue console with “a silk-screened image of Nathan Drake,” as well as a matching controller and physical disc for the game.

The console will be available in the United States and Canada on April 26 for $400 USD / $500 CAD. In Europe and the UK this console will be 1TB launching on April 27th in Europe, and April 29th in the UK. Those who pre-order the bundle will receive a bonus voucher that includes “an Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune Outfit, Golden Weapon Skin, and Uncharted Points to use in Multiplayer Mode.”

The bundles special grey-blue controller will be available separately next month for $65 USD / $90 CAD in case you just want a different controller.

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