Sony Reveals Zoink Games’ Ghost Giant for PlayStation VR

Sony revealed a new game for the Playstation VR, titled Ghost Giant. This game has the player take on the role of an unseen entity who is the titular ghost.

You will meet a young animal character early on who seems sad, but when you make an attempt to help he, since you’re a ghost, is frightened. He runs for his home but finds himself in danger, but is aided by your ghost. It takes a few moments but he begins to understand that you aren’t trying to cause harm, you only want to be friends and help those in need. So you go on a journey with your new friend to help out others in an adorable world.

Ghost Giant will have you solving puzzles, moving objects, and performing other duties in an attempt to grow closer to your new companion. This game will feature a heart-warming tale that is sure to leave you smiling.

Ghost Giant is being developed by Zoink Games who are known for Stick it to the Man, and Fe. You can watch the trailer for their latest game, but you must be warned it is really cute.

Sony also revealed DONTNOD’s latest game, Twin Mirror, as well as the release date for Bend Studios’ Days Gone.

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