Sources Say Diablo 3 is, in Fact, Coming to Nintendo Switch

According to Eurogamer, the rumors that Diablo 3 is coming to the Nintendo Switch are true. This, of course, comes after Blizzard posted a tweet February 28 showing a Diablo-themed night light being switched on and off. Blizzard claimed that it was just “meant to be a fun community engagement piece” and that the popular game was not getting a port to Switch. Now, this seems to have been a diversion by the company.

Eurogamer’s sources could not say whether the expansions Reaper of Souls and Rise of the Necromancer would be included with the release, but it would be a sore letdown if they were not. Blizzard is not one for disappointing its fans.

While the reveal is likely still several months off, the rumor should excite fans of the series. It is likely that Blizzard will use the stage of E3 to officially announce the game, but the gaming world will be keeping a close eye on the company for any other leaks.

See below for Blizzard’s tweet from last week.

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