Spider-Man: Miles Morales Glitch Goes Viral

In the recently released Spider-Man: Miles Morales, players swing around New York City solving crime and stopping evil while controlling the titular web-slinging hero – or a trash can, or a lamp, or a patch of snow?

That’s right – players have discovered a humorous glitch which transforms Miles into a number of inanimate objects, while allowing him to retain his powers and freedom of movement. Naturally, fans have taken to the Internet to show off pictures of trash cans or lamps swinging around on webs.

Twitter is full of fans joking about “new player characters” including “Spider-Lamp,” “Spider-Trash” and more.

One streamer, who goes by the name “Froste” online, showed off an entire video which features Miles transforming into random items including a fence, a house, and a bare patch of snow.


The source of the glitch has not yet been definitively identified, but some theorizes that it is caused when Miles collides with certain objects in the game’s open world. While most players have reported that the glitch is ultimately harmless, and that Miles will eventually revert to his original appearance, some have indicated that the game has crashed while playing as “Spider-Trash” or other glitched objects. So far, there have been no reports of save data corruption or other long-lasting consequences relating to the glitch.

Miles Morales’ publishers, Sony and Insomniac Games, have not yet commented on the glitch. At this time, it is not known when or if the glitch will be patched.

Until it is removed, expect to see more images appearing online of various Miles replacements. It definitely seems like New York City is home to an entire host of spider-powered protectors, including some which are not exactly your average superhero.

Who’s your favorite “alternate” web-slinging hero? Are you a fan of Spider-Trash, Spider-Lamp, Spider-Snow or one of the many others? Have you experienced this glitch yourself? Let us know!

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