Splatoon details

Splatoon has to be one of my favourite games I saw in the digital event and I can’t wait to get my hands on it and find out everything about it, here is the details from E3 about the game.

– Paint the level with your squad’s color of ink
– Direct combat as well
– Focusing too much on your opponents can be a distraction from the ultimate goal of painting the town red (orange, pink, green, etc.)
– GamePad shows an overview of which territories are painted and your teammate’s positions on the map
– Can “super jump” to another player’s position by tapping the map
– This allows you to spawn at a safe area but still get halfway across the map without a long traverse
– Traversal is a big part of the game
– Spraying ink all over the map has an immediate impact on your ability to get around the area
– Your character can immediately transform into a squid that will speed along any surface painted with your color
– This allows you to move very quickly
– You can even go up walls and under fences
– Dive under to refill ink
– It’s possible but very difficult to see an opposing player who is in squid mode

Splatoon sounds really cool and I think it is one of the best games Nintendo announced this year.

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