Splatoon developers say voice chat is still undecided

It seems that voice chat is a big thing in games know particularly when playing online, is that perhaps so you do not feel as lonely playing the game because nobody else wants to play? Eithere way it is a big thing that many game players these days are calling for as part of their online gaming experience, while we already know that the upcoming game Spaltoon is set to have a major online focus voice chat is a feature that has not really been fully considered as Producer/manager Hisashi Nogami and project lead Tsubasa Sakaguchi discuss below:

“The core concept of Splatoon is that by looking at the way the ink is being spread around and progressing, you know, you can kind of see what your enemies are doing, what your teammates are doing, and then you’re able to decide what you want to do. And that’s kind of the main thing we’re always thinking about, and we kind of get similar questions about the number of people that can be in a multiplayer match, but for this game it’s really that four-on-four is the best number. With four-on-four, the amount of influence that a single player has is perfectly balanced, but also the speed at which the battle changes, the way the battle is developing changes is also completely perfect.”

“The idea being that the core concept is basically that players look at the way the ink is being spread around, the way it’s being painted around, and decide what to do. If in any way that doesn’t disrupt that balance we’ve created, we’ll definitely consider differentways of communication and introduce that to the game as we go forward with development.”

Nagomi finished his comments by saying “basically I haven’t decided”.

I don’t know if voice chat would be a really big deal in Splatoon but I do think it could make the experience somewhat more enjoyable for everyone as long as there is no swearing or profanity being discussed.

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