Square Enix is open to returning Dragon Quest to Sony platforms

I would say the Dragon Quest games were once the major property of the Playstation platform, this of course was until the DS came along and Square Enix took a chance to get there games to a different audience of people and of course it paid off, however at an investor meeting Square Enix has said they are open to bringing Dragon Quest back to Playstation platforms in the future.

At the meeting Dragon Quest franchise executive producer Yuu Miyake mentioned that the possibility is there given Dragon Quest’s appearance on different hardware. He additionally asked to be patent and wait for future announcements.

Miyake has also said that he would like the games to be accessible to everyone and that the audience for the game based on recent user trends suggests that future Dragon Quest games are not even on dedicated gaming platforms.

Hopefully this means that the next entry in the franchise might appear on all forms of platforms so that many of us can experience the fun and magic of the Dragon Quest games. I see Wii U, 3DS, Playtation 4 and maybe even Vita in the series future.

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