Square Enix has not ruled out all remasters for the Playstation 4, wants fans response

With Kingdom Hearts 3 somewhere on the horizon, and Kingdom Hearts 2.8 out later this year there is something not right on the Playstation 4, we have no 1.5, or 2.5 collection. For those of us who skipped the Playstation 3 we have been unable to do a complete catch up on the series, but still its possible that these could still come. Square Enix has not ruled anything out when it comes to bringing Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Final Mix, and Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Final Mix to the Playstation 4, the catch, you need to voice your interest.

This was revealed when Kingdom Hearts 3 co-director Tai Yasue was talking to IGN in which he shared:

“We listen to our fans obviously so we’ll see what they think [about a collection] and we’ll come to a decision on that.”

Before we get to more I just want to note one flaw in his words, he proclaims that Square Enix listens to its fans and yet this hasn’t actually arrived yet, and this is something we have been asking for since before Kingdom Hearts 3 was even announced.

So what about an Xbox One version of these remasters, well IGN asked about that as well first in relation to the currently Playstation 4 exclusive 2.8, and the outlook is not to bright he shared:

“Right now we haven’t come to a decision on that. Nothing’s been decided yet.”

What about 1.5, and 2.5 he shared a very much rinse and repeat response stating:

“We haven’t come to a decision on that either yet.”

Partly I am suspecting that when Kingdom Hearts 3 is next shown we will find out it has been cancelled for the Xbox One and will end up an exclusive. But at this time there is no reason these games are not on the Xbox One, Kingdom Hearts 3 is slated for the console, and those playing the game will likely walk in with little knowledge of the series extensive lore which will just hurt the experience.

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