Super Smash Brothers picture of the day 6/26/14 Nabbit

Another day, another picture but today’s picture I feel a number of people will like because of who stars in it, yes Nabbit that little thief from New Super Mario Brothers U and who was a playable character in New Super Luigi U is set to make an appearence in Super Smash Brothers, and before I go on no we will not be playing as Nabbit and getting our revenge on Mario for Nabbit, he is merely a special character who appears on the New Super Mario Brothers U stage. I will discuss his possibilities shortly but first Sakarai has delivered his latest picture of the day and the following message:

Here’s Nabbit, who appears in the Mushroom Kingdom U stage. You can’t see him, but Luigi is inside Nabbit’s bag.

It seems very likely that Nabbit is set to be a stage Hazard who will cause problems for you and catching him could also be the lead in to getting special items, anything seems possible but as usual the possibilities are endless and it is very nice to see another great character reference giving Nabbit another look in.

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