Square Enix Says Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Players Won’t Need To Play Remake First

Final Fantasy VII Remake, which released in 2020 to generally high praise, is the first in what is intended to be three games remaking the original Final Fantasy VII. The title of the forthcoming second game has been revealed as Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, but little information has been released otherwise. All that is currently known about Rebirth is that it will release for the PlayStation 5, presumably in late 2023 or 2024 (a firm date has not yet been revealed), and it will chronicle the next steps in Cloud and his party’s journey after departing Midgar.

Recently, Rebirth co-director Motoumu Toriyama and other members of Rebirth’s development team have been posting brief updates regarding the game via the official Final Fantasy VII Twitter account. Called “Developer Comments,” these posts have been frustratingly vague. They have revealed such information as “We are still working on nailing down a release date” and “The game will include new characters and party members.” Fans hoping for more concrete information have been generally disappointed by these Developer Comments.

One particular Comment, Developer Comment 4, posted on June 5, 2023, answered the question “Do I need to play Final Fantasy VII Remake to enjoy Final Fantasy VII Rebirth?” Toriyama responded with “No,” further clarifying that Square Enix has “made preparations so that players who did not get a chance to play the first game can fully enjoy Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.”

No elaborations regarding these “preparations” were given, leaving fans confused. Remake had a fairly in-depth story that went into detail about the events of Midgar’s near-destruction, the actions of the shady Shinra Corporation, and how Cloud met up with his first few party members as they escaped the city. It seems near-impossible that playing Rebirth without having first experienced Remake would be a satisfying experience in any way. Yet, Square Enix claims that this is the case, leading to rampant fan speculation as the Internet awaits more concrete information.

What do you think about Developer Comment 4? Did you play Final Fantasy VII Remake, and are you looking forward to Rebirth? What do you think these “preparations” could be? Comment below and let us know your thoughts!

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