Star Fox Guard Japanese website reveals details for the game

The Japanese website for Star Fox Guard is now open and thanks to it we have a series of new details all about the upcoming game. The details of the website have been translated and here is the full rundown of the key details.

The player is a fresh new staff member at Corneria Precious Metals Ltd., a company that runs a rare metal mining business. Your task is to repel intruder robots who invade the rare metal mining base. To do so, you’re provided with surveillance cameras equipped with lasers.

Grippy Toad, the CEO of Corneria Special Metals Ltd. and Slippy’s uncle, is in the game. Also Slippy’s uncle. Slippy Toad is the developer of the cameras.

There are 12 cameras set in a stage, and images from each one is shown on the TV screen. The player can search the enemies alone or have friends help them by looking at the TV. Once the enemy is found, use the Wii U GamePad to precise the aim and shoot lasers from the cameras. The enemy cannot be allowed to reach the tower that’s located at center of the base… otherwise it’ll be a game over.

Over 100 missions are included in Star Fox Guard. These are divided into two categories: Main Mission and Extra Mission.

In Main Mission, you take on missions to defend rare metal mining bases located on planets in Lilat system, which includes Cornelia and Titania. By progressing through main missions, extra missions which have different rules from usual will be unlocked and can be challenged.

The Star Fox Guard site gives these examples as extra missions:

– Sniper: Protect the base with limited ammo. The point is to aim well to not miss shooting.
– Airborne: Enemies invade from the sky by using parachute drops. Shoot them down before they land.
– Tottori Tour: A camera is installed on top of a Tottori. It moves all around the stage, but at the same player needs to aim on enemies from there. This is classified as an advanced level mission.

Enemy robots come in two types. You’ll face the attack type and jammer type. Below are details on each:

Attack Type: move towards the central tower

– Attacker: Shooting it once will make it split its upper body, which makes it lighter and move faster. – Shield: It can protect against frontal attacks with its shield, but its back is completely unguarded.

Jammer Type: focus more on hindering player’s attempts to destroy the robots

– Hi-Ho: Low health and easy to destroy, but its objective is to get close to a camera and self-explode (which will damage a camera)
– Jack: Emits interference signals which will cut off access to cameras
– Smog: Destroying it will spew out smog which will hamper visibility
– Green Tank: Uses cannon fire to attack and destroy cameras

Also note that in addition to what’s mentioned above, giant enemy boss robots are included as well.

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