Stardew Valley Multiplayer Beta Now Available

Developer Chucklefish has announced that the much-anticipated multiplayer update for the acclaimed Stardew Valley is now available in beta status on PC.

The beta will include the ability to play with up to four other players. All players that join your world will serve as farmhands. Players will be able to collaborate on the farming, mining, etc. that is done and split up earnings fairly. Visiting players will also be able to marry NPCs within the host’s world, as well as marrying the host him or herself.

The update was first announced back in August 2017 with anticipation of launching at the end of the year. As this is only the beta form and not a full release, it is obvious the multiplayer elements of the game are more complicated than first perceived.

Taking a lighter note on the delay, developer Tom Coxon joked that “after donating a bundle of ethernet cables to the junimo sprites, I recompiled the game with the ‘add multiplayer’ checkbox on. I missed some of the forage items in the first year, so it took two years.” In the same post, Coxon also added that more single player content will be coming with the multiplayer attachment, although no details were given.

The beta is currently only available on Steam, but Chucklefish has promised that access in GOG will be available within the next few days. There has been no word on the beta coming to other platforms. A release date for the full multiplayer mode has not been announced but is sure to come soon.

Are you playing in the Stardew Valley multiplayer beta? If so, what are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments section below.

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