Starfield: How To Persuade The Bank Robbers In Job Gone Wrong Quest

The moment you step foot into Akila City in Starfield, you’ll be greeted with a hostage situation in a Galbank branch. Since the Freestar Rangers and the Shaw gang do not trust each other, they need a neutral third party to become a mediator. Unfortunately, being a diplomat is easier said than done, and you’ll likely fail several times before succeeding. That’s why we created this guide to offer you some useful tips to complete this challenge!

Starfield Job Gone Wrong Quest Guide

To sucessfully convince the bank robbers to surrender peacefully, you must pass two persuasion mini-games. The first one requires you to get 8 Persuasion Points and convince the leader that you’re someone he can trust.

The bad news is you only get 3 turns. Since each persuasion mini-game is randomized, each player will get different dialogue options. I suggest starting with a green-colored dialogue [+1], then selecting a +3 difficulty option, and finally picking the red-colored dialogue [+5].

Once you pass the first persuasion mini-game, the bank robbers will demand a starship to escape from the planet. Since the Marshal won’t agree, you must convince the Shaw gang to surrender. 

Unlike the first mini-game, you only need to obtain 6 Persuasion Points during round two. I recommend focusing on the +3 difficulty options since you’ll only get 3 turns to convince the bank robbers.

Starfield Job Gone Wrong Quest

If you find yourself failing, I recommend upgrading your Persuasion skills in the Skill menu. During my playthrough, I already unlocked Rank 2, which grants me an extra 20 percent chance of success when persuading people.

You can also consume Aid items that temporarily increase your Persuasion chance. For instance, Chandra Pinot Noir can add a 12 percent Persuasion chance for five minutes, and Hippolyta can increase your Persuasion chance by 20 percent for five minutes.

If you fail to convince the bank robbers, don’t worry. You can speak with the Marshal again, and he’ll give you a key to the backdoor. Your objective will be to subdue the Shaw gang without hurting the hostages inside the Galbank.

Once you deal with the bank robbers, you can report to Marshal Daniel. He will thank you for your help and give you 3,000 Credits and 150 EXP.

That is the end of our guide for the Job Gone Wrong quest in Starfield. Before leaving the website, consider checking out other articles on GameLuster, such as how to find the Apollo 11 landing site.

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