Stylish Shooter-Platformer Neon White Launches June 16 2022

Described as a “hybrid of genres,” Neon White is part first-person shooter, part puzzle platformer, and one hundred percent intense and unique visual experience. Developed by Angel Matrix and published by Annapurna Interactive, an independent publisher known for such titles as Outer Wilds, The Pathless, and the upcoming Stray, Neon White was first announced in February 2021. Well over a year later, the game finally has a release date – and it’s much sooner than fans expected.

A slick new trailer at Summer Game Fest 2022 showed off Neon White’s unique gameplay and finished up with the surprising reveal that the game would debut on June 16, 2022, just one week away as of writing. It will release for both PC and Nintendo Switch, with both versions sharing the same release date.


Neon White tells the story of White, a damned assassin currently condemned to Hell but seeking redemption in Heaven through slashing and shooting at various demons. Instead of weapons, White wields cards, which players must draw, play, and discard during battle  to gain a variety of special abilities. Abilities shown off in the trailer include Godspeed, Stomp, and Fireball.

In between platforming and shooting-based levels, players will be able to interact with the various NPCs who inhabit this colorful, highly stylized world. Developer Ben Esposito (of Donut County fame) also confirmed that players will be able to build relationships with many of the NPCs present in the game, including fellow Neons Red, Violet, and Green. Both battling and flirting with other Neons was shown, making it unclear whether players will have to fight or woo their fellow characters – or some combination of both. The game will feature music by Machine Girl and voice acting from Alicyn Packard, Ian Jones-Quartey, and Steve Blum.

For more on Neon White, stay tuned to GameLuster.

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