Super Mario Maker features Mario Paints fly swatter minigame

Back in my childhood there were many games I really liked but only a couple that really stood out in my memory, the really big one being Mario Paint (alongside Bubsy and Pokemon). Mario Paint stands out for a lot of what it offered me as the player, the game wasn’t just about design and making interesting art work with the tools given, it was also about the little minigames that you could lose hours playing. One of the biggest ones was the interesting fly swatter minigame which we get to see again thanks to Super Mario Maker.

The fly swatter minigame in Super Mario Maker will task you with taking out as a certain amount of insects within a set time limit. Things are sure to get hectic as you continue on your way in this minigame as we will see plenty of insects and variations in difficulty. This is a great love letter to the past and will be a big part of my time with this game.

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