Counterfeit Amiibo Figures Found On Sale

A  range of fake Amiibo figures have recently surfaced on internet marketplaces.

Although at first glance these figures appear to be fairly similar to the real thing, it isn’t surprising to hear that they are lower quality and do not have the NFC chip found in Nintendo’s official Amiibo collection.

Images of the figures were first spotted by InfoAmiibo in Brazil, although the Chinese text on the boxes suggests that the fakes originate from Asia.

It is not very surprising that fake versions of the Amiibo figures are being created as Nintendo continues to struggle to keep up with the demand.

Recent waves of Amiibo have sold  out within minutes of going on said, even with retailers increasing the price and the supply limited to one per customer. This caused Second-hand sales of Amiibo to skyrocket, some bringing in over £100.

See the images of these counterfeit Amiibo below:

samus link mario pikachu


It appears that Nintendo’s problems are never ending with Homebrew apps on the DS and fake Amiibo’s .

How do you think Nintendo should respond to these  fake Amiibo? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below!

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