Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection has several new features including new difficulty settings

Uncharted is back and better then ever with the Uncharted: The Nathan Drake collection, already the three games housed in this collection were considered some of the industries best games but now there is even more reason to love these games.

Even if you own the Playstation 3 versions of these games several new features are making more reason for past players to re-experience this collection. The game will feature three different game modes each offering varying difficulty and challenge allowing for all kinds of players to jump into the action.

For new or less experienced players the game will now offer an Explorer mode which will feature a greater reduction to combat difficulty. Along with this the game is also going to feature a speed run mode which will put pressure on the player in different sections of the game, this mode will allow you to challenge your friends to see who is best at the game, some spirited competition is certainly not a bad thing. For those really wanting a challenge the game will also feature a Brutal difficulty mode, this mode should end up being next to impossible to beat, but to make sure you are ready you will have to beat the game on Crushing difficulty first.

Among other inclusions with this game is a Photo Mode, a common staple in certain games these days. The other thing is the ability to play through the single player campaign with one of over sixty five different skins.

Along side this announcement a new trailer was released for the game which shows off the story.

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