With today’s Nintendo Direct a whole lot of information has been disclosed about the upcoming Super Smash Brothers game for the Wii U and 3DS. There has been some good stuff and some bad but here is a rundown of the information from today’s presentation in it’s main parts:


– 3DS runs at 60 FPS

– Some assist trophies run at 30 FPS

– Stereoscopic 3D

– Same roster in both versionsWiiU_SuperSmashBros_Items_Screen_43

– 2 songs in each 3DS stage

– My Music: listen to music from the games

– There will be connectivity between Wii U/3DS versions

– 3DS stages: Reset Bomb Forest, 3D Land, Spirit Train, Gerudo Valley, Arena Ferox, Tortimer Island, Living Room, Prism Tower, Rainbow Road, Find Mii, Balloon Fight, Jungle Japes

– Wii U stages: Mario Galaxy, Pyrosphere, Town and City, Boxing Ring, Pilot Wings, Skyloft, Windy Hill, Garden of Hope, Wii Fit Studio, Palutena’s Temple, Halberd

– Familiar stages in both versionsWiiU_SuperSmashBros_Items_Screen_34

– Wiley Castle features Yellow Devil

– The Devil attacks the fighter, but it can counterattack

– Only the Devil’s eye is vulnerable

– Explosion when you defeat the Devil

– In multiplayer, it becomes a competition to see who can take down the Devil

– Other boss character appearances in other stages

– Wii U version will have online multiplayer

– Can play with friends or with anyone online

– Can play online with the 3DS version as well

– Sakurai recommends wired connection for Wii U version WiiU_SuperSmashBros_Items_Screen_30

– When not playing with friends, can do “For Fun” or “For Glory”

– “For Fun” – random stages (no final destination), all items, smash battles only, only wins recorded

– “For Glory” – Final Destination only, no items 1 on 1 battles, wins and losses recorded

– Matches against friends can use whatever rules you like

– Almost all the stages now have a Final Destination form

– Playable in For Glory mode

– Names linked to Nintendo Network IDs will appear

– Code of conduct in place to keep things pleasant

– Working on starting and not playing, targeting an individual, cheats, repeated self destruction, frequent dropping, baseless reporting

– These may result in online play bans WiiU_SuperSmashBros_Items_Screen_20

– Items: Beam Sword, Bumper, Smart Bomb, Motion-Sensor Bomb, POW Block, Beetle, Fire Bar, Back Shield, Bombchu, Fairy Bottle, Ore Club, X Bomb, Hocotate Bomb, Rocket Belt, Steel Diver

– Assist Trophies: Andross, Devil, Knuckle Joe, Saki Amamiya, Lyn, Nintendog, Waluigi, Dr. Wright, Skull Kid, Mother Brain, Midna, Ashley, Dark Samus, Chain Chomp, Isabelle, Elec Man, Color TV-Game 15

– Meowth, Electrode, Eevee, Staryu, Metagross, Fennekin, Meloetta, Gogoat, Entei, Deoxys, Palkia, Kyurem, Victini, Keldeo, Xerneas Samus

– Samus uses Zero Laser as her Final Smash

– Her power suit no longer falls to pieces

– Characters that changed forms no longer change

– Toughened her up

– Now uses jet boots

– Zero Suit Samus has an improved recovery ability


– Down special attack is “Phantom Slash” for attack/defense

– Phantom can get reflected back

– Sheik is back

– Sheik’s moves have been polished

– Two new moves

– Burst Grenade: side special attack

– Bouncing Fish: down special attack


– Kirby hammer technique added

– Hammer Flip

– Final Smash: Ultra SwordWiiU_SuperSmashBros_Items_Screen_15


– Throws Gordos instead of Waddle Dees


– Stronger aura attacks

– When damaged, more damage dealt to others

– Don’t power up too much or you’ll be in trouble

– Mega Evolution confirmed

– Aura attacks will do max damage in this mode

Pikmin and OlimarWiiU_SuperSmashBros_Items_Screen_49

– Only 3 Pikmin now follow Olimar

– Pikmin now plucked in fixed order

– Easier to see Pikmin and manage them

– Recovery move is now Winged Pikmin

– Corrected shortcomings, but added weak points


– Gliding mechanic cut

– Pit has been powered up in its place

– Power of flight is an easy to use recovery move

– Final Smash: Three Sacred Treasures

– Movesets of other fighters stronger as well


– Yoshi now stands upright

– His model more in line with the games

– Yoshi is stronger

Rosalina & Luma

– Luma Shot sends Luma out and brings it back

– Luma can wander on its own and attack separately

– Rosalina/Luma each have different moves

– When far from another, can unleash many particular attacks of their own

– Side special attack: Star Bits (fire projectiles)

– Up special attack: Launch Star (long distance recovery move)

– Down special move: Gravitational Pull (draw in items, renders enemy shots ineffective)

– Final Smash: Power Star – combines shooting stars with a huge one

Little MacWiiU_SuperSmashBros_Items_Screen_29

– Body is small, but packs huge punches

– Punches with both hands

– On the ground, his attack power is extreme

– Smash attacks hit at megaton levels

– Very weak in the air

– Vulnerable while airborne, with less attack power

– Recovery ability is terrible

– Little Mac has a Power Meter

– Neutral special attack: Straight Lunge

– When the Power Meter is full, you get a one-shot-only attack

– the KO Uppercut

– One punch, instead KO

– Side special attack: Joly Haymaker

– Up special attack: Rising Uppercut

– Down special attack: Slip Counter

– Final Smash: Giga Mac

– Wireframe Mac included from the arcade hit Punch-Out!! as a costume choice


– Neutral special move: Pocket

– Side special attack: Lloid Rocket

– Up special attack: Balloon Trip

– Down special attack: Timber

– Final Smash: Dream Home

Mega Man

– Mega Upper, Charge Shot, Spark Shock, Flame Blast, Flame Sword, Slash Claw, Air Shooter, Hard Knuckle, Super Arm, Metal Blade, Crash Bomber, Leaf Shield, Rush Coil moves

– Final Smash: teams up with other Mega Mans

Wii Fit Trainer

– Fights with healthy techniques

– Deep Breathing and Sun Salutation

– Deep Breathing: attacks hit harder

– Sun Salutation: projectile attack (can save for later use)

– Can play as male Wii Fit Trainer (they’re the same)

– Custom move sets

– Can’t use this online with strangers

– More info on custom move sets later

Smash Run

– Only in the 3DS version

– Battle game

– Playable with up to 4 players

– Search dungeon for power ups

– Begin on an expansive battlefield

– Time limit set to 5 mins

– Explore, fight enemies, obtain power ups

– Jump, attack, special defense, other powers

– After 5 mins of collecting items, you then proceed to a battle

– Somewhat like City Trial in Kirby’s Air Ride

– Stalfos, Tac, Kihunter, Reaper, Mettaur, Poppant, Tiki Buzz, Roturret, Bulborb, Chandelure, Mimicutie, other enemies will appear

– Can use the random fighter option

– Different enemies will appear each time you playWiiU_SuperSmashBros_Items_Screen_70

Pokémon Trainer will not be appearing in the new game, however Charizard is returning to fight another day and we will see Greninja appear as a playable fighter, furthermore Charizard is able to mega evolve into Charizard X.

There is a lot of information here and a lot of it sounds really awesome I really can’t wait to get my copy of the game on the Wii U.

On another note sorry about this being late.

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