Greninja Revealed for Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS

At the end of the Smash Direct on Tuesday, April 8th, a Newcomer was revealed for Super Smash Bros. 4. Greninja will be the Kalos representative, with Lumiose City likely being his home stage. With Lumiose City being a 3DS exclusive stage, some may be wondering what his Wii U stage will be. However, if you have a good eye, you may have spotted it already; his stage will be the Pokemon League from Pokemon X and Y. He is shown fighting in one of the Elite Four’s rooms along with the main hall in another shot. Maybe this stage will match the Lumiose City stage, and also feature a moving platform. e4 hallHe is a very fast and light character, and he uses many quick attacks, most of them incorporating water. His Final Smash is shown at the end of the trailer, and seems to be Night Slash. The background of the stage is shown to go black, with focus solely on Greninja. his attack’s victim, and the moon in the background, similar to Meta Knight’s Final Smash. To commemorate the reveal of Greninja, Ken Sugimori himself has created a piece of artwork for the Super Smash Bros website in the style of the artwork of the Pokemon series.


Greninja is also seen using his tongue in a few of his attacks. Of course, he can also use his Signature Move, Water Shuriken. The Water Shuriken can be lunched immediately, resulting in a small shuriken with no knockback, or it can be charged to create a giant, devastating projectile that hits multiple times and was even shown to knock back Bowser. Greninja’s attacks have great animation to go with them, and it makes him look like an actual ninja fighting. His depiction is very accurate to the Pokemon games he comes from; his taunt is even shown to be the same as the idle stance he had in Pokemon X and Y. His recovery move (Up Special) seems to be similar to Pikachu’s. Greninja uses two bursts of water to propel himself through the air, and it is possible that you will be able to change the direction that the water is sprayed. water shuriken

Greninja is shown to be able to dodge and counter very well. He seems to have a teleportation move that is similar to Sheik’s recovery, but unlike Sheik’s teleport, Greninja is only shown using it to move horizontally when dodging the Wii Fit Trainer’s attack. His dodge is also almost instantaneous, which fits his ninja fighting style. He also is able to use the move Substitute, which draws its effect from the Pokemon series. When Greninja is shown using it against Mario, he disappears, allowing the Substitute to absorb Mario’s attack. He then appears where the Substitute was, lunging forward towards Mario to land a counterattack. substitute

Although this ability is not demonstrated in the Pokemon games, Greninja is able to summon a sword made of water for two of his attacks. He is shown slashing with his water blade both in the air and on the ground, but he is also shown splitting his blade into two when battling against Fox. This attack is shown to be capable of knocking Fox completely out of his recovery move and onto the ground. With his arsenal of quick ninja attacks, Greninja will certainly be a formidable fighter.

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