Random Game trivia of the day 6/26/14 Eggman

Oh look the start of a new article series, I have always found the idea of all the different tidbits of gaming information to e quite fascinating from the hidden pieces of coding in games, to random facts about how a game is designed, to even the very interesting parts of a games character. So how exactly do I do my first random game trivia of the day, well I think the bad guy from Sonic deserves some love and attention and I really think this is a great discussion point. Doctor Eggman has a lot you can say about him he has no problem capturing innocent aliens and hurting them so he can have an intergalactic amusement park. Eggman has no problem with throwing the world into absolute chaos as he shatters the planet into sectors so long as he gets his amusement park, he also has no problem kidnapping helpless animals to use as power for his mechanised servants.

For all the things Eggman does wrong there is definitely one thing we can’t say anything mean about him in relation to. We can never say that Eggman is rude when it comes to Women’s rights, the Sonic games never mention this topic but according to the North American manual for Sonic Heroes Eggman is described to be a feminist. This stands as an interesting point that does say t his character for all he has done wrong in his life he does have something good about him, so I say next time somebody is campaigning to ensure Woman have more rights think that Doctor Eggman is on your side. What do you think about this piece of Trivia does it make you happy to know evil isn’t all bad? Put your thoughts in the comments below.

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