Fable Legends to have a huge presence at E3

Next month will will be a big month for Microsoft fans with a big presence of upcoming games for the Xbox One, just the other day Halo Guardians was announced and we now it should have more detail at E3, now we know that next entry in the Fable Franchise is going to be there to.

Developer Lionhead has said that Fable Legends will at E3 2014 in a big way, stating that Fable fans can count on Fable Legends having a big presence at this years E3.

Lionhead boss John Needham said during a UK press event on Monday:

“Fable Legends is an exciting title that’s really fun already. We’re building it with Unreal Engine 4 and that combined with Xbox One has resulted in us building I think one of the most beautiful games on the platform. We’re super busy at the studio gearing up for E3. We’re going to have a huge presence there. You can come to our booth and play.”

I have never been able to get into Fable personally but hopefully for really big fans of the franchise there will be big information about new ideas in the game said at E3 to get fans prepared, hopefully though there will be no attempts at using the Kinect or it might end as badly as the Fable game that uses the Kinect for everything.

Source: Gaming Everything

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