Super Smash Brothers Picture of the Day 5/21/14 character stances

Have you ever wanted more of a mirroring effect for character in Smash Brothers, that is today’s picture Sakurai is showing us how he has worked to give the same view of characters no matter what direction they are standing in, this in turn looks really great and adds more stance to the characters as they actually mirror on both sides it really adds a certain level of aesthetic improvement to the characters. Sakurai has discussed this today’s picture of the day within the following message:

Pic of the day. The leg and arm positions of some characters will automatically be mirrored when facing left or right. Mario, for example, will have his chest shown in the foreground regardless of whether he’s facing right or left. This was quite a tedious task, but thanks to it we can show the best features of each character even better.

Sakurai also passed on this following message to continue to cover how the fighting stances worked, in this following picture.

Super Smash Brothers Picture of the day 21-5-14 mirrored stances 2

Here’s another example: in the previous games, you saw the back of Kirby’s head when facing left. Now Kirby looks great from any angle.

Source: Miiverse

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