System Shock 3 (and 4!) Websites Now Owned by Tencent Holdings

According to domain analysis performed by Video Games Chronicle, the Web sites and are now the property of Chinese mega-company Tencent Holdings. Previously, these domains were registered to Paul Neurath, the founder of developer Otherside Entertainment.

Otherside had discussed its plans for System Shock 3 at Game Developers Conference in March 2019. However, the studio soon experienced difficulties, separating from partner Starbreeze and reportedly laying off multiple senior team members. Rumors circulated that the studio was looking for someone to fund the planned System Shock title. The domain sale may indicate that the company has found that in the form of Tencent, a highly successful corporation which has previously invested in Ubisoft, Epic Games and Activision Blizzard.

System Shock 3 is a planned continuation of the story, which begun with beloved 1994 classic System Shock and its 1999 sequel System Shock 2. Despite the title initially being announced in 2015, little is known regarding planned plot or gameplay.

On Twitter, Otherside Entertainment officially confirmed that they would be working together with Tencent on further development of the System Shock sequels. The developer admitted on Twitter that “as a small Indie studio, it had been challenging for us to carry the project on our own.” Hopefully, the partnership with Tencent will allow the highly anticipated System Shock 3 to see completion and eventual release.

Although this partnership gives Tencent “certain rights” when it comes to producing and publishing titles in the series, it does not transfer ownership of the System Shock IP to the Chinese company. That continues to belong to Night Dive Studios, which is currently working on an enhanced remake of the original System Shock. This title is set for release in 2020.

Are you looking forward to System Shock 3 – and possibly even System Shock 4 and beyond? What are you hoping to see in upcoming titles in the franchise? Let us know!

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